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  • For people living with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia), the experience of their disease is ongoing. Once diagnosed, they are often consumed by the institutionalised management of their cancer. From the emotional impact on the patient and their family, to the frequency of clinical visits, the experience of cancer is felt before, during, and after each visit. Often, patients feel anxious, disconnected, and force-fit into a cycle of care. The system is at the center, not the people who are being treated.

    This contest has been developed in order to encourage ideas for making the cancer journey a more human experience before, during, and after a hospital visit. Join us in providing innovative ideas for people impacted by CLL.
  • Children all over the world struggle with fighting diseases. Fortunately, in many cases, pharmaceutical products exist that offer relief – or even a cure. However, administering these products can be a struggle due to a child’s negative perception of medicine. In many cases they are scared of the taste or the formulation of the drug, which can impact them psychologically.

    At AbbVie, we aim at helping children in need of treatment by solving this dilemma. Attempts to overcome these difficulties have been undertaken, but overall the health care industry is still far from providing satisfying solutions.

    We are about to change the future of kids’ medication – with your support!
  • Chronic inflammatory back problems, such as ankylosing spondylitis, involve a number of factors and behavioral patterns that can influence patient health. In addition to exercise therapy and psychological support, sports, everyday physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle also play a pivotal role.

    With our “CoCreate Healthcare - Activity & Motivation for Patients with Back Pain ” contest, we were looking for new solutions with which to support patients with chronic inflammatory back pain and improve their health from the different perspectives.

    1. Place: Krushtonski    3.000 €   "AbbVie Community Tracker - AbbVie Community"
    Krushtonski’s idea seeks to bring people with similar individualized training and health needs together to monitor own achievements and targets in small groups and to increase the motivation through direct comparison. By means of message and reminder functions via app on smartphone or smart watch, individuals are encouraged to complete their exercises shown by the doctor or medical professional. Additionally, saved digital data can be used for medical analysis as well as for internal comparison within the group.  

    „ AbbVie Community tracker  AbbVie Community combines the analog world with the digital one. With the help of simple technologies, affected people with similar experiences get together and form a motivated community. Apart from the digital component, there is huge potential in the combination with offline components.“ Jury Member, CoCreate Healthcare Contest

    2. Preis: gauravshah222 und ritika.273  2.000 €    "AbbVie Plus - Robust Mobile App"
    Runner-up of the contest is the idea “AbbVie Plus – Robust Mobile App”. With this idea, gauravshah and ritika explain how to improve the life of patients with chronically inflammatory back pain with the help of an app. In their concept they show how patients can connect in a playful and intuitive manner and communicate with each other and/or experts. Additionally, information will be provided by the app and patients can keep digital track of their daily lives. Sport tutorials, a reward system and a calendar function are included to positively affect patients’ motivation.

      „The App idea is a combination of different possibilities, to support patients’ motivation, as well as the self-management in a simple and appealing way. With the help of specific tutorials for exercises and the reminder- and calendar functions, patients can plan their daily lives in detail, to analyze their development and to stimulate their own motivation.“ Jury Member, CoCreate Healthcare Contest

    3. Preis: Saadithya  1.000 €   "Back Jack"
    Third place goes to the idea “Back Jack” by SAADITHYA. Aim of this lighthearted concept is to strengthen the health condition of the virtual avatar named “Jack”. The game runs as an app on smartphones. Daily exercises carried out by the patient will be measured by the smartphone’s sensors and transferred to the avatar. Healthy diet and daily activities will be automatically or manually transferred to your phone and Jack’s health synchronized accordingly. Leaving out exercises will directly affect Jack in a negative way. This way, the patient learns how his daily behavior influences Jack in the game.

      „In a lighthearted manner, patients are invited to take responsibility for their own health. The active design of the fictional person helps to visualize their own health condition and stimulate the motivation to improve the avatar’s health status.“ Jury Member, CoCreate Healthcare Contest  

      Additionally, we are very glad to announce the most valuable participant Gisela.
    Thank you very much for your great contribution at the CoCreate Healthcare Contest.  

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